Tuesday 13th December @ 6.15pm – Eaglesfield Village Hall
Come join me for a full moon and festive celebration rolled into one!
This year I’ve infused the classic Chandra Krama with my love of 360 degree flows to create a dynamic moon sequence, perfect for balancing the high energy of a full moon. We will work in circular flows, representing both continuity and completeness, whilst also mirroring the ever-cycling phases of the moon.

I will guide you through a seamless movement meditation taking time to consider the turning wheel of our lives, as well as the cycling of our own mental and physical energies through expansion, retraction and even withdrawal. Practising by candle light creates a calming environment –a welcome haven of peace for the season of stressfulness!

After yoga, I’d love it if you can join me for an informal “get-together” with a slightly festive flavour.

Tickets: £12