Beautiful Bride Programme

Everyone wants to look and feel their very best on their wedding day and so it is not surprising that many brides embark on drastic diet and fitness regimes before their big day. There are plenty of programmes out there, but many rely on severe calorie restriction that will not only leave you looking gaunt, but will also increase the likelihood of you piling all the weight back on the minute you return to eating normally on your honeymoon.

Many combine a very low-calorie diet with a gruelling and time-consuming exercise schedule, which increases your risk of nutrient deficiencies and, in turn, can weaken your immune system, deplete your energy levels and play havoc with your skin.

That is why The Health Architect is now offering  bespoke guided programmes focussing on becoming, stronger, healthier and more toned, whilst also promoting weight loss,  so by the time you walk down the aisle you will look and feel amazing.  Click below for details of the most popular 12-week Bridal Packages.

In addition, shorter or longer packages and packages tailored to those living outside of Cumbria can also be arranged – call Sarah for an informal chat to discuss your requirements.

As seen in Your North West Wedding Magazine

As seen in Your North West Wedding Magazine

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