“A first-timers perspective”

Embarking on a new exercise class is always a little daunting but throw in tight lycra, close proximity to others and unfamiliar poses meant that I was more than a little nervous for my first Yoga Fundamentals for Beginners class with Sarah Kekus, also known as The Health Architect. However, these feelings quickly subsided as friendly and welcoming faces made room for me – and my brand spanking new yoga mat.

Despite its tranquil and peaceful image I was surprised to learn – very quickly – that yoga made my heart beat extremely fast and my body sweat not long after getting started!

Listening carefully to Sarah’s expert guidance and instruction I was using my own limbs as resistance and moving my body into various positions. I was working muscles that I didn’t even know existed and found that I was actually practicing yoga – albeit trembly in parts!

With thorough explanations of benefits and coaching to improve the implementation of poses, the time simply flew by and it was without a doubt the fastest hour of exercise I’d ever put in – yet I knew my body was already feeling the benefit. I tend to hold all my tension in my shoulders but by the end of my first class with Sarah my arms already seemed longer and shoulders less hunched. Needless to say, I went home to have the best night’s sleep I’d had in years.

Each week I gained confidence and along with this I improved my range of movement, balance and core strength. The weekly class really started to feel like quality ‘me’ time – enabling me to become more conscious of my breathing and body.  I also found it helped me to feel much happier and improved my sens of overall well being.

Right now”life” and the responsibilities of a young family are the hurdles in my way to attending a yoga class each week but I have gained the underpinning knowledge and confidence to turn up at any one of Sarah’s timetabled classes and would highly recommend that others give yoga a try!

Guest Blog Written by Kate Skillen – Yoga Fundamentals for Beginners Graduate,  Spring 2017