This structured and fully supported programme is aimed at cleansing your digestive tract and encouraging more efficient elimination of toxins. You will be guided towards nutrient rich foods that will nourish you and enhance your body’s intrinsic ability to heal. Lifestyle guidance will also be given, aimed at helping you restore your energy levels so you complete the programme feeling rejuvenated.

Since many toxins are stored in fat cells, this programme can help to encourage long-term weight loss (average weight loss of all those completing a programme in 2014 was ½ a stone). And, since our skin is often the first place to show signs of a clogged inside, most people who followed my 19-day programmes this year experienced a dramatic improvement to skin clarity.

The programme is easy to follow; you will be given comprehensive instructions and receive daily practical and emotional support throughout to help keep you “on track”. You will also receive skincare advice and full guidance on how to “come off” the programme. The programme costs £149 and this includes a health and toxin exposure assessment, individualised dietary advice and recommendations for specific nutrients to meet your exact needs.

The programme starts on Monday 12th January and runs until Friday 30th January 2015