Many people do not realise how many chemicals they are exposed to simply through their daily use of personal care products. I have to admit that it is mainly because I live with a “sensitive soul” that I started taking more care when choosing products.

To begin with, I started by scouring forums for eczema sufferers, which led to a decision to switch shampoo. But, since then, I have found  I am continually learning and refining the contents of my bathroom cupboards.

As a general rule, I look for products that are free from Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Phthalates and, most recently, the preservative Methyl Isothiazolinone (which is thought to be responsible for an epidemic of skin allergies and many dermatologists are now calling for a ban on its use).

Also, for many years I have been buying fluoride free toothpaste and aluminium free deodorant – both of these are now becoming far more widely available.

Obviously choosing some products, like your moisturiser, will depend on your particular skin concerns. Complete product ingredients are not always listed so if you have a favourite brand then email their customer services team and ask them for a list of product ingredients – that way you can decide for yourself whether you need to find an alternative. Swapping to more organic and natural products has been a long process for me, so I thought I would share some of my favourite products I have discovered along the way.

Aveda Shampoo

Green People – Daily Shampoo

Sanex  Shower Gel – Zero % (does contain Sodium laureth Sulfate)

doTERRA – onguard toothpaste

Kingfisher – Fennel Fluoride Free toothpaste

Tom’s of Maine – Fluoride Free Wicked Cool Toothpaste

Bionsen – Japanese Spa Minerals Stick Deodorant

Biotherm – Deo pure natural protect 24hr deodorant care

Body Lotion

Finding body lotions, creams and butters that are free from mineral oils can be quite hard. The first time I was “forced” to switch from my regular brand was when we were living in Provence, Manosque to be precise, home of the L’Occitane HQ. Having had the chance to visit the factory I was impressed by the processes, careful selection of local botanical ingredients and avoidance of mineral oil.

After leaving the factory with a “sack” of samples I was immediately hooked and started using some of their products. Then, more recently, I spent a month on the Greek Island of Amorgos, which led me to discover the wonderful Greek natural skin care brand Korres. My two enduring favourites from these brands are:

  • L’Occitane – Spring Cherry Moisturising Gel
  • Korres – Fig Body butter

Other brands that are worth checking out are Lavera and doTERRA. Take your time to do your own research – it can seem very time consuming to begin with but when you start to find products that you love and that you know won’t harm you it’s worth it and so are you!