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I truly believe that taking time to prepare a delicious and nutritious breakfast is a great way of showing love to yourself. That’s why I’ve decided to share my little collection of recipes this Valentine’s day. This is a collection of some of my favourite breakfast bowls; bursting with flavour and nutrients, like a super-smoothie, but eaten from the same bowl that you might use for your porridge. All are incredibly simple and quick to prepare so I hope you’ll feel inspired to re-create and fall in love with breakfast too!

BUT, this morning I’ve made my Valentine a slightly more decadent breakfast! I know what you are thinking – has she really made him that for breakfast? Well, whilst you take a sharp intake of breath I’ll share a story with you …

I am genuinely not really one for desserts, but there is one beautiful summer treat that my Mum has been making for ever – redcurrant flan. I just adore the slightly tart red currants nestled in a sweet biscuit crumb crust and served with vanilla cream (dairy-free in my case).

Normally the treat comes to the table after quite sufficient amounts of delicious food and so I’ve often had to skip it, but, not so long ago, I had the genius idea of reserving my slice for breakfast!

My recipe is more than a slight nod to this delicious summer dessert but since it is jam-packed with lovely, healthy ingredients and prepared with love, I say why not have it for breakfast? – it’s Valentine’s day after all! This recipe will feature in my next project, my little book of healthy desserts, but meanwhile I hope you’ll enjoy my book of breakfast recipes.

Happy Valentines Day! x