Strawberries were always a birthday treat for me when I was growing up – well you know, it was back in the day when they weren’t in the supermarket 365 days a year!  Early July is Scottish strawberry season plus we lived in Fife (strawberry country if ever there was!)  Today I found some stem ginger left over from a treat I made for a friend so I thought I’d rustle up another little treat in the spirit of “it’s my birthday and I’ll eat what I want too!”

Strawberries (lots) 1 tbsp. stem ginger syrup
4 tbsps. coconut cream tiniest squeeze of lime
3 pieces of stem ginger, finely sliced 90% dark chocolate, peeled into curls


Hull and quarter the strawberries, then divide between 2 bowls.  If you are like me you’ll need  a large punnet in order for there to be enough strawberries left by the time you serve this! Scatter the stem ginger slices over the top.

Whisk together the coconut cream and a spoon of syrup from the stem ginger as well as a little lime juice.  Pour this over the strawberries and then sprinkle with chocolate curls and some mint leaves.