• The road to dietary change is rarely smooth or straight! So over the years I have found that the biggest shifts occur when some 1:1 sessions are maintained beyond an initial intensive programme.  Ongoing coaching sessions offer you the flexibility to schedule a little more support - maybe to help stay on track, or to envision new possibilities - and continue working towards your goals at your own pace.  These sessions will offer you a chance to make iterative refinements to your approach as well as providing you with ongoing guidance and encouragement. You will receive :
    • A 60-minute 1:1 coaching session
    • A reassessment  of your treatment plan and health goals
    • 1 month's access to my membership platform
  • 1:1 Yoga

    Private yoga sessions are a great option if you’re looking to build your confidence quickly, work on alignment, manage an injury or improve sports performance. Whether you are a complete beginner looking for an introduction, before joining a class, or you are an experienced student, looking to deepen your practice, working 1:1 offers a completely personalised approach.  Sessions will include a movement assessment and you can also expect hands-on assists to improve alignment.  I use video to help demonstrate alignment problems as well as to capture sequences, which can then be practised at home. These sessions can also be helpful if you want help with structuring a home practice or would like to try more challenging poses in a safe environment. Alternatively, if you would like a class for just you and a small group of your friends or you’d like me to come to your office to work with you and your colleagues then contact me by email.
  • 1:1 Yoga Mentorship

    £85.00 / month with a 7-day free trial and a £5.00 sign-up fee
    Do you struggle to make consistent healthy choices? … find it impossible to start or stick to a home yoga practice – you have no ideas and feel clueless? …Know you don’t make enough time to move your body but cannot find a spare minute? …Feel overwhelmed by healthy-eating guidance so you are left unable to make simple food choices and instead rush by the supermarket after work and grab all the wrong things!? …You are full of good intentions, but life gets in the way so, before you know it, another week has slipped by without any meaningful shifts?   If this paints a familiar picture, then you are most certainly not alone.  In fact, these are actual problems shared with me by previous mentorship students who I’ve worked with over the past 18 months. I’ve explored different ways of offering quick, easy-to-implement support and have found that the biggest shifts occur when there’s regular 1:1 contact. So, just in time for the new year, I’m re-launching my 1:1 mentorship to help you make better choices when it comes to your diet, exercise, and mental and physical wellbeing. I’ll be opening up just 5 more places to ensure you each get my dedicated attention.   If you’d like to find out more then let’s arrange a time to chat – I can tell you more about how mentorship works so you can figure out if it will work for you.  
  • I devised my 10-day “fast-track” protocol to help speed up my own recovery after having Covid.  So I know that it delivers results that you can quickly feel and see. Following my 10-day cleanse will give you a chance to see how much difference clean-eating can make to your general wellbeing, digestive health, mood and energy without committing to a longer programme. You’ll received daily guidance, which includes super-simple, delicious meals, daily movement and lifestyle tips that truly make all the difference.  And, the programme includes 3 powerful dietary supplements (worth £45) that deliver results quickly.  These gentle yet extremely effective supplements are ones that I regularly share with clients as well as my family and I’ve been using them myself to help speed-up my return to full health. Next programme starts Monday 1st August 2022
  • This pass is for attendance at one 90-minute class and should be purchased in advance.
  • When: Fridays 9.15am - 10.15am

    Where: My home to yours on Zoom

    This is my invitation to you to join me in my home studio for a creative practice suitable for all levels.  I'll share my personal morning flows of the week, which always reflects my Ashtanga roots.  With a different emphasis each week, I'll be offering you a "straight to it" practice to get your day off to a good start.  The class will start at 9.15am and I'll teach for an hour.
  • Purchasing this pass gives you access to three of the 90-minute classes within the February Poetry in Motion programme (21.02.24 - 21.03.24) Please confirm which classes you'd like to attend in advance of the block commencing.
  • Out of stock
    There’s nothing quite like practising yoga by candlelight – enveloped in a cocoon of darkness, with just enough flickering light to see your mat, creates a magical haven of tranquility.... In this intimate space we’ll share a calming practice and experience the uplifting power of moving with our breath in a way that feels unhurried and easeful.  This special offering is an invitation to expand your own capacity for self-compassion; we’ll reflect on our journey through this year and acknowledge our resilience and resourcefulness as well as everything we’ve brought to fruition. I’d love you to join me for this, my final class of 2023.  As ever, spaces are extremely limited. Where: Eaglesfield Village Hall When: Wednesday 6th December at 6.00pm
  • You should allow 60 minutes for your Catalyst call and during this time Sarah will offer you an overview of her understanding of your health concerns and will give you some thoughts on dietary and lifestyle approaches that would best support you.  Laboratory testing and supplement recommendations may also be discussed. During the call you are welcome to ask Sarah as many questions as you like and discuss your specific concerns, however the Catalyst Call is a "stand-alone" hour and does not include any in-depth appraisal of your health-history and neither will you receive a treatment plan with detailed guidance.  If you are looking for this support you should book an initial consultation.
  • The monthly immersive  is a chance to delve a little deeper into our practice and explore different aspects of yoga. These events form part of my  Inspire, Evolve or Elevate Mentorship programmes and are FREE for Mentees  but it is also possible to book onto individual events using the calendar below. Each month will be different and sometimes there will be a seasonal focus; here's what's coming up:

    Tuesday 19th April 2022 - Ashtanga for your Life

    How to make Ashtanga work for your body and your life!  This IN PERSON workshop will help you to both understand this traditional practice and help you to "break the rules" shhhhh!  I will be offering plenty of modifications as I teach an abridged Ashtanga Primary Series suitable for all levels except complete beginners.
  • Finding Flow

    From: £16.00
    This 8-week series will take you through carefully curated sequences that will draw you into a state of flow.  We’ll always start by aligning breath with movement, then we’ll begin opening and moving through fluid flows. Each class will unfold in an arc – warming to dynamic and then finally to stillness; this combination resets our nervous system and promotes deep rest. Through the eight weeks we’ll also be using Essential Oils.  The oils I’ve chosen to work with will all help to bring us back to a calm and centred state and they will be woven into my teachings. These oils are recommended yet, of course, optional.  You can get your oils here Purchasing the Finding Flow 8-class block gives you access to all eight classes and saves you £4 per class or over £30 for the series, you can book the block of eight here Alternatively, you're welcome to drop-in to individual sessions. If you are attending your first class then you should also complete a Health Screening form
  • Whatever kind of week you’ve had, this class will meet you where you are.  It's an unscripted offering - which means no two weeks will ever be the same – but it's Vinyasa flow and everyone is most welcome. In person Studio classes held at Embleton Village Hall


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